Braces Care

During orthodontic treatment, patient’s will return for adjustments and evaluations based on what point in treatment the patient has reached. Most patients will be seen every 8-10 weeks for the majority of their treatment and on a shorter interval (5-6 weeks) as needed for fine detailing. These appointments will take between 30-40 minutes. For more information about what you can expect while wearing braces, please click on the following link.

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Good oral hygiene is essential during orthodontic treatment in order to achieve the result you desire. Poor oral hygiene can cause cavities, periodontal infections, lengthen treatment time and cause bad breath! Oral hygiene instructions are reviewed with all patients when they start treatment. If at any time, a review of instructions is indicated, we are happy to do so.

Visiting your Dentist During Treatment

Orthodontic Emergencies

Please call our office during regular business hours if any of your appliances come loose. Our staff members will help determine what requires immediate repair and what can wait until your next visit. If a traumatic event occurs after hours, please call the office and you will be prompted how to leave an emergency page.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Turning Your

Orthodontic expansion is an opportunity to correct a narrow upper jaw and provide long term stability to orthodontic treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for expansion, but for some, rapid palatal expanders develop more room in the dental arch, alleviate crowding, and correct constricted upper arches.

Rapid Palatal Expander

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