Useful Items for Orthodontic Patients

Having a few simple items on hand can be helpful in maintaining comfort while in orthodontic treatment.

  • Travel toothbrush: Having a toothbrush is helpful while eating out when food is caught in your braces and teeth.
  • Patient comfort wax: Keeping comfort wax with you at work or school can aid when unexpected irritation or wire pokes happen.
  • Ora-Gel and Rincinol:  Over the counter mouth rinses and topical anesthetics can soothe areas of irritation as needed.
  • Tweezers:  Helpful for replacing unexpected bent and loose wires until a comfort appointment can be made in the office.
  • Proxabrush toothbrushes: Frequently called “Christmas tree brushes” by our patients. They effectively remove food and plaque from between brackets and under the arch wires.
  • Floss: Daily use of floss will help maintain healthy gingiva allowing for more efficient treatment.
  • Salt water rinses: As soft tissue begins to adapt to new appliances, it can become temporarily irritated. Warm salt water rinses will aid in soothing and promote healing of tender tissues.
  • Over the counter pain relievers: Products such as ibuprofen and a acetaminophen can help during the days following adjustment appointments when your teeth are progressing through treatment.

Other products our office endorses:

  • Sonicare electric toothbrushes: More effective than manual toothbrushes at removing food, plaque and debris while brushing.
  • Waterpik water flosser: Effective at removing plaque around braces and gingiva.
  • Plaque HD anti cavity toothpaste: Toothpaste with a disclosing solution to aid in helping patients identify areas they need to spend more time brushing.
  • CariFree CTx4 gel 5000: Specialized toothpaste for patients who have a history of decalcification, decay and sensitivity.
  • Prevident 5000 fluoride: Prescription toothpaste with additional fluoride patients can use before bed to aid in preventing decay.