We are committed to using the latest in technology to enhance your experience with us on all levels.

Using digital scanners reduces the number of impressions needed during treatment, and allows us to offer a range of orthodontic appliances and products to customize your treatment plan to your individual needs. Our paperless documentation enables us to ease the burden on the environment while communicating with your other dental providers efficiently. We offer multiple ways you can communicate with our office. Patients and parents may set preferences for personal communication from us such as email, phone and/or text appointment reminders. You may also communicate with us using the same options.  We believe that offering these services to you, allows you to focus more on your life outside of our office.

iTero® Element Digital Scanner

The iTero® Element Digital Scanner uses 3D scans to provide a virtual animation of your teeth allowing for a reduction in traditional mouth impressions. Scans are used for diagnosis and treatment planning. They can also be used for some appliance fabrication purposes. Element scans are efficient, accurate and allow patients to see a digital model of their teeth immediately.

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3D Printing

No one likes messy, gooey teeth impressions! We now use 3D printers and it has become a game-changer for our office. This revolutionary technology allows us to use scans captured by our iTero scanner to create precise models of your teeth for the fabrication of most orthodontic appliances, like clear aligners and retainers. 3D printing allows for precision orthodontics in a shorter amount of time, meaning you'll be on your way to your ideal smile before you know it!

Digital Imaging

Digital x-rays (or radiographs) offer exceptional clarity to aid in the diagnosis of growth patterns and dental health and development. Our digital panoramic and cephalometric machine uses significantly less radiation then traditional film x-rays. Along with our digital photographs, we are happy to share images with your other dental providers to coordinate and aid in your dental treatment needs.


  • Why does up to date technology matter in orthodontics?

    Adults are frequently amazed at the changes in orthodontics since they were kids in braces. It often leads to fun (and not so fun) trips down memory lane while they bring their own kids in for appointments. Advancements in orthodontics have increased patient comfort greatly by using lighter more consistent forces. Improved imaging allows the Drs. to plan more accurately you or your child’s treatment needs. Staying on top of new and updated technology in orthodontics allows us to give you the lasting results you are looking for with a more comfortable experience.