Teen Treatment

Early Treatment

Teenagers make exciting and wonderful orthodontic patients. Comprehensive treatment is utilized to achieve beautiful aesthetic results and correct malocclusions (poor bite). Most teenagers have the necessary permanent teeth by early adolescence to allow full treatment to be completed.

Treatment options for teenagers can include traditional or self ligating braces and even Invisalign Teen! Growth may be used to correct malocclusions. Your complimentary consultation will include an overview of the best options available to your child and the expected treatment length.

Follow up appointments will include adjustments of appliances, oral hygiene instruction and instructions for proper appliance wear and care. Dr. Burkhardt, Dr. Pecora and Dr. Bloomberg are committed to giving your child the best result and we welcome you to come back with your child at their appointments to follow their progress.


  • How often will my child need to come in for appointments?

    Frequency of appointments varies based on what stage of treatment a patient is in. In the early stages of active treatment, most patients come in approximately every 2-3 months for routine appointments. Towards the end of active treatment, patients will come in about every 6 weeks. Once a patient is no longer in active treatment we will continue to monitor them in retainers, usually every 6-12 months as needed.